• Nuforce Anti Dandruff Lotion Nuforce Anti Dandruff Lotion
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Nuforce Anti Dandruff Lotion

Salt:- KETOCONAZOLE TOPICAL (2%w/v),Zinc pyrithione (1%w/v)
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50 ml in 1 bottle
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Uses of Nuforce Anti Dandr

Nuforce Anti Dandruff Lotion is used in the treatment of dandruff.

How it works of Nuforce Anti Dandr

Nuforce Anti Dandruff Lotion is a combination of two antifungal medicines: KETOCONAZOLE TOPICAL and Zinc pyrithione which treat dandruff. KETOCONAZOLE TOPICAL is an antifungal medicine while Zinc pyrithione is a coordination complex of zinc. They stop the growth of fungi that cause dandruff by preventing them from forming their own protective covering.

Common side effects of Nuforce Anti Dandr

Side Effect of Nuforce is Application site reactions (burning, irritation, itching and redness).

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