• Kufrakshak Cough Syp Kufrakshak Cough Syp

Kufrakshak Cough Syp

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Uses of Kufrakshak Cough S

Kufrakshak Syrup contains Kantakari 600 mg, Vasa 600 mg, Mulethi 600 mg, Tulsi 600 mg, Sonth 450 mg, Giloy 400 mg, Gul Banafsha 300 mg, Funaab 300 mg, Jufa 300 mg, Pippali 300 mg, Bahera 300 mg, Saunf 200 mg, Kakarashingi 200 mg, Dalchini 100 mg, Lavanga 50 mg, Pudina Satva 2 mg and Shuddh Madhu 1.5 ml. Kufrakshak Syrup are useful in the treatment of cough. They open the airways, dissolve mucous and bring about decongestion. It also reduces bronchial inflammation and relieves sore throat. Kufrakshak Syrup is used to treat seasonal, allergic and asthmatic cough. Use under medical supervision.

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