• Yardley London Gentleman Deodorant (150 ml) Yardley London Gentleman Deodorant (150 ml)

Yardley London Gentleman Deodorant (150 ml)

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Uses of Yardley London Gen

A gentleman is distinguished by many virtues; one of them is his scent. A gentleman always smells good, no matter what. Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deodorant reminds one of the classic gentlemen of the Victorian era. The fragrance of this deodorant is modern yet classical. With a hint of fresh citrus, a whiff of black pepper and the earthiness of cardamom, this fragrance is all about being humble and rooted. The special smell is also replete with a spicy blend of many charming aromas. It has a soft touch of floral notes, a woody feel of sandalwood, musk and amber along with a sweet hint of white chocolate. This heavenly fragrance is full of the love of the earth, with a subtle blend of rich and luxurious aromas that all point towards the royal gentlemen. This is one deodorant that will not make your lady swoon and fall for you but will ignite in her heart a sense of deep respect and liking for your fetching personality.

How it works of Yardley London Gen

A very royal fragrance, this one is meant exclusively for the majestic and elegant gentlemen. Induced with variant flavours, this deodorant has a unique fragrance that is lasting and leaves a mark. The trust of Yardley promises you a long-lasting fragrance that goes wherever you go and leaves a trail of royalty behind you. The blend of the deodorant has many alluring smells like that of citrus, black pepper and cardamom. One can smell some amazing hints of flowers, sandalwood, amber, musk and white chocolate in this deodorant without being able to put a finger on what exactly is it. Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deodorant will leave a trail of freshness and royalty wherever you go.

Common side effects of Yardley London Gen

‘Yardley of London’ is one of the ‘Oldest Traditional British Cosmetics Brand’ in the World. It started in 1770 and became recognized as a ‘World leader’ in ‘Soap and Perfumery’. Its product range consists of Fragrances, Bath and Body luxuries, Skin care and Hair care products. Yardley products are made up of Natural ingredients infused with delightful fragrances that make your body Soft, Smooth and Refreshed. Over the years, Yardley of London has become loved for its beautiful Floral Fragrances that are timeless classics worn by women of all ages. From light ‘Refreshing Body Sprays’ to the more indulgent ‘Eau de Toilettes’, Yardley combines only the highest quality ingredients to create long lasting yet delicate fragrances. Bollywood superstar ‘Katrina Kaif’ is the current face of Yardley.

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