• Virgo VIRGO-IP-532 Weighing Scale Virgo VIRGO-IP-532 Weighing Scale

Virgo VIRGO-IP-532 Weighing Scale

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On automatic calls:after starting demonstrated that "8888",then demonstrated "0.0" then weighing. Attention:when above two model of scales,like starting laying aside ground,demonstration 1.8kg/3.8lb,this value demonstration is the glass weight cannot weighing,after must let its automatic close-down,after light vibration starting,weighing or on the direct scale weighing. (on automatic calls).

How it works

Stand on the scale in balance and start to weigh,when the weigh is set,the figure will flash and then you can read it. the figure will keep flashing for 10 seconds and the scale will switch off. Replace the battery if the screen display "LO". Try again if the screen shows "Err". Keep it dry and don't touch water.

Common side effects

GENERAL Model Number Red Type Personal Weighing Scale Material Glass Units of Measurement g, kg

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