• Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Mint Super Value Pack Of 8 Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Mint Super Value Pack Of 8

Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Mint Super Value Pack Of 8

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Enriched with rich natural ingredients, this lip balm will soften your lips, while keeping dryness and chapping at bay. Treat your lips with the goodness of mint when you apply Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm mint every day to keep it luscious and smooth. This product is developed not only to be a best treat for your pout but also for your tongue as you will love its mint taste and would find it difficult to resist licking it! This product is a nourishing one for your lips that replenishes it with lost moisture to keep it looking supple and soft for many hours. This product is created with a gentle formulation to deal with the sensitive lip tissue to satiate the nourishment needs of its complex mechanism. This mint enriched balm is loaded with the goodness of plant based butters that are known for its moisture rich properties and protection abilities. It has plant oil that can prevent the lips from pigmentation and discoloration to help you flaunt the natural color of your lips with pride. The goodness of mint makes this product rich in anti oxidants that paves way for renewing the cells in your lips.

How it works

The product contains the goodness of mint which is known for its potent anti oxidant abilities that helps in cell renewal. It offers moisture rich protection round the clock as it has the goodness of nourishing plant butters The special formulation with natural emollients helps it to protect the lip tissues from external damages and maintains its luscious look It has a delicious flavour and a lovely fruit fragrance that can help one stay fresh for long The presence of plant oil helps the product to combat the different signs of ageing and prevents the lips from getting pigmented

Common side effects

How does Mint work to give you healthy lips Beyond its refreshing aroma which soothes the senses and a pleasant taste that makes you want to apply it as often as you can, Mint has more surprises to throw in. This aromatic ingredient is anti-pruritic in nature. It can calm the skin and heal it in the process while you can sit and enjoy the perfect perfume and cool effect. What are the benefits of Honey Lips add glamor to your smile, richness to your face, are a proof of how well you take care of yourself and make that ever-lasting first impression. Imagine how it would effect your personality if you are all decked up in your favorite dress, all ready to go to a party and your lips are chapped. It will be such an impression killer. Lips skin is thinner than the skin on rest of your body. What is the special moisturizing action of Almond Oil Since the lips do not have oil glands, they need extra moisture and protection from external factors. Almond oil is a great emollient which is known to regulate moisture balance effectively. Almond oil is easily absorbed and cures any kind of unpleasant sights- dry patches, chapped lips, cuts and bruises, that make the lips appear unhealthy. What is the action of Vitamin E Exposure of lips to pollution, dust, extreme climatic conditions, sunlight is unavoidable. Thus, Vitamin E being an excellent anti-oxidant, cures the damage caused on lips by the direct exposure of the harmful UV rays. Vitamin E added in Lip-Balm makes it a perfect lip-care product because it not only smooth the texture of the lips, but make them all the more beautiful, soft and well protected.

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