• Vaadi Herbals Lavender Anti-Ageing Face Pack (70 g) Vaadi Herbals Lavender Anti-Ageing Face Pack (70 g)

Vaadi Herbals Lavender Anti-Ageing Face Pack (70 g)

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Aromatherapy oils of Lavender & Rosemary together fight wrinkling and sagging of the skin with the anti-oxidant benefits. With additional complexion enhancing properties of Manjistha, your skin is left looking young & radiant! How can a face-pack pamper aging skin Face-packs are usually meant to nourish and pamper the skin However, their effects depend largely on the ingredients used A good face-pack would usually have a two-way action One is instantaneous, which can be experienced on immediate application; such as hydration, cooling, soothing and refreshing The other effect of face packs is more gradual

How it works

Some ingredients would penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and work at improving the skin health from within They would boost the re-growth of skin cells; while also protecting them from age and sun-related damage Some may also boost the production of elastin and collagen; thus keeping the skin soft, firm, and wrinkle-free Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sandal Powder, Manjistha

Common side effects

What properties of Lavender Oil make it an important addition to this pack Lavender oil is an excellent an anti-oxidant that stimulates growth of new cells. As such it boosts the production of elastin and collagen, keeping skin elastic and firm. Thus, it prevents pre-mature aging. This property of lavender oil, along with the presence of linalool in it, renders it an effective healing agent as well. It promotes regular healing of scars, while preventing formation of new ones. This derivative of Lavandula officinalis flower further detoxifies the skin by its anti-bacterial nature combined with its ability to stimulate circulation and decongest the skin; bettering the health and appearance of the skin. How does Rosemary Oil benefit the skin Rosemary oil is extracted from Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) plant, of the mint family. Its topical application is a proven skin rejuvenator; as it increases circulation and stimulates blood flow.

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