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Tonenglo Face Wash

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1 Tube of 100 gm Face Wash
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Uses of Tonenglo Face Wash

Tonenglo Face wash is a moisture provider for the dry skin which contains Aloe vera, Glycolic acid and Vitamin E.

Benefits of key ingredients:
Aloe vera, the major ingredient of the lotion and the most conventionally used beauty solution, soothes the skin and reduces soreness and discomfort.
Glycolic acid, member of the (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) AHA family, penetrates well into the skin and naturally exfoliates the skin. It easily cleanses the skin and removes the dead layer of cells and impurities. It serves as an important anti-ageing component and significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant and provides protection to the skin from damage causing free radicals. Alongside it also makes the skin supple and soft.

Directions for use:
Just squeeze a generous amount in your palm.
Crush the millicapsules.
Work up lather and massage gently on your wet face and neck.
Rinse off with clean water and pat your face dry.

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