• Richfeel Under Eye Gel 500 G Richfeel Under Eye Gel 500 G

Richfeel Under Eye Gel 500 G

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Drugvilla.com, one of India’s leading beauty destinations, brings to you the Richfeel under Eye Gel which is a soothing and revitalising gel designed to counteract the effects of stress, around the eyes. Stress and lack of sleep leads to tired eyes and dark circles. This eye gel for stressed eyes comes with a unique revitalising formula which helps fight stress on the delicate skin around the eyes.

How it works

Nourishing the skin, it helps in making it soft and smooth. Reducing stress, this eye gel for stressed eyes will further help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and will keep your eyes fresh for a beautiful look. It also tones the area around your eyes so that you get rid of tired eyes and get rejuvenated. A brand that is synonymous with total personal care products and services from world-renowned experts, Richfeel products deliver superior solutions that combine the best of scientific studies and ayurvedic benefits to help in treating hair loss and skin and scalp disorders.

Common side effects

Richfeel under Eye Gel is enriched with aromatic extracts of peach and plant extracts of badiaga. Peach extracts in the composition have excellent antioxidant properties. It also helps in reducing wrinkles and gives protection from harmful UV rays.

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