• Richfeel Skin Whitening Pack Richfeel Skin Whitening Pack

Richfeel Skin Whitening Pack

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The Richfeel Skin Whitening Pack is specially formulated for tanned skin that makes the skin glow. It removes dead cells as well as tightening the skin. This pack is enriched with all the vital elements that help enhance the texture of the skin. It is the ideal solution to skin blackening. It lightens skin tone It also improves hydration Suits all skin types

How it works

How to use product Mix some of the Richfeel Skin Whitening pack powder with clean water, making a thin paste out of it. Then apply the paste evenly on face and neck gently, to form a layer. Once you have applied the mask do not make any facial expressions. SIt back and relax with eyes closed. After 10 -15 mins, remove the mask gently with a wet cotton ball or a sponge. Do not rub your skin while removing the mask. For best results apply Richfeel moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated and fresh looking.

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