• Perfecxa Pulse Oximeter - SB 100 Perfecxa Pulse Oximeter - SB 100

Perfecxa Pulse Oximeter - SB 100

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For a quick and accurate tab on your health Battery lasts for 16 hours Brand: Perfecxa Portable tool for health management Gives you values for SpO2 Extremely compact Comes with batteries, strings and a user manual Light weight Reads your heart rate LED display for easy reading

How it works

Pulse oximeter is an investigative procedure wherein you check the haemoglobin arterial oxygen. The device is used for monitoring quantity of oxygen that is carried by haemoglobin and the pulse rate.

Common side effects

The pulse oximeter measures haemoglobin’s oxygen saturation in the arterial blood, a gauge of the average quantity of oxygen that is bound to every haemoglobin molecule. The % saturation is shown as digital readouts together with audible signals varying in the pitch, which depends on oxygen saturation.

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