• Park Avenue Soap Luxury 125 G Park Avenue Soap Luxury 125 G

Park Avenue Soap Luxury 125 G

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Park Avenue Luxury Soap is a premium soap to give you refreshing bathing experience.

How it works

Park Avenue Luxury Soap is now fortified with rich skin conditioner that moisturises your skin and shea butter to hydrate your skin instantly Now available in an all new avatar to match your style Dual combination of skin conditioners which will collectively permeate tough skin & hydrate it Original classic long-lasting masculine fragrance to uplift your mood

Common side effects

Apply on wet skin, lather and rinse. ‘Park Avenue’ is a brand by ‘Raymond’ launched in ‘1986’. It is popular for readymade garments for men. The name ‘Park Avenue’ was influenced by ‘an elite, high street in Manhattan’. ‘Park Avenue’ believes in offering ‘high standard customer service & delight’. It has also launched a range of ‘personal care and grooming products for men’. It includes ‘fragrances, body care solutions, shaving systems, and hair care solutions for the grooming need of today’s men’. Park Avenue products are developed using ‘international standard fragrances’ and ‘high level of research’ to ensure that products stand a test to quality and consistency.

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