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  • Park Avenue Deodorant Voyage For Men (150 ml) Park Avenue Deodorant Voyage For Men (150 ml)

Park Avenue Deodorant Voyage For Men (150 ml)

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Uses of Park Avenue Deodor

Recharge your mind, body and soul with Park Avenue Deodorant Voyage for Men, a deodorant that will impress all those around you. Formulated specially for the gentlemen, this deodorant has a very soothing and pleasing fresh fragrance. If perspiration and body odour is keeping you tensed and worried then this is the perfect product for you. All you need to do is spritz a few sprays of this awesome product and just stop worrying about body-odour and perspiration immediately. The specially formulated fragrance is enchanting and leaves a trail of freshness behind you. You will always smell good, no matter where you go, what you do and what the situation is. All you need to recharge yourself is Park Avenue Deodorant Voyage for Men. It will instantly lift your mood and give you energetic and refreshing vibes that will keep you fresh. One may use many deodorants but there are certain aromas that just leave a mark, this is one of those. A very masculine and strong fragrance, which is also subtle and soft at the same time, this one surely will become your favourite.

How it works of Park Avenue Deodor

Park Avenue Deodorant Voyage for Men is a classic fragrance that will make you a celebrity wherever you go. Your fragrance will impress all those around you with people admiring your choice of deodorant. Just spritz a few sprays of this alluring fragrance and feel tension free throughout the day. Once you use this deodorant, you shall not have to worry about body odour or perspiration again. The deodorant calms down your skin, this makes the skin relaxed and cuts down on sweat and also body odour. The fragrance creates a lasting and refreshing feeling that stays with you long.

Common side effects of Park Avenue Deodor

Hold the can 15cm away from the skin and spray. Park Avenue is a brand by Raymond launched in 1986. It is popular for readymade garments for men. The name Park Avenue was influenced by an elite, high street in Manhattan. Park Avenue believes in offering high standard customer service & delight. It has also launched a range of ‘personal care and grooming products for men’. It includes ‘fragrances, body care solutions, shaving systems, and hair care solutions for the grooming need of today’s men’. Park Avenue products are developed using ‘international standard fragrances’ and ‘high level of research’ to ensure that products stand a test to quality and consistency.

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