• OMRON Cushion Massager HM-300 OMRON Cushion Massager HM-300

OMRON Cushion Massager HM-300

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Omron HM-300 Massager is designed to get physical and mental relaxation. It has an ergonomic design that suits the body curve perfectly. This is the best device to give relaxing massage to different parts of the body like hips, back, calves, thighs, neck and shoulders.

How it works

This device gives you the best acupressure massage at the comfort of your home. It has a great feature of temperature control which offers gentle heat improving blood circulation. It efficiently gives relief to muscle fatigue and stiffness.

Common side effects

The cover of this massager is easy to remove and wash. Features: Acupressure Massage, Electric Massager for home use, Ergonomic design, Removable washable cover, Easy Positioning, Removable and Washable cover, Temperature Control.

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