• Nivea Lip Care Pearly Shine 1895 C (4.8 g) Nivea Lip Care Pearly Shine 1895 C (4.8 g)

Nivea Lip Care Pearly Shine 1895 C (4.8 g)

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Uses of Nivea Lip Care Pea

Now it’s time to keep your lovely lips moisturized and guarded with an endearing blend of a succulent creamy centre that also packs in a touch of colour and SPF 10. Nivea Lip Care Hydrocare lip balm 1925 C is available in a twist up tube with a plastic lid. This soothing and smooth balm hydrates your lips from within and heals chaps, blisters and dryness to perfection. Regular application of this Nivea lip care product brings about a significant change to make your lips appear suppler and healthier than before. Nivea Lip Care Hydrocare contains SPF 10 that makes it the best companion for outdoors. All you have to do is carry this tube in your purse to keep your lips moisturized, lightly tinted and of course desirable. Nivea’s Lip Care tinted sticks ensure that you experience the best of moisturizing benefits, with the right colour in place. This product has a mild fragrance and can be used twice daily.

How it works of Nivea Lip Care Pea

It comprises of rich jojoba oil, almond oil, and shea butter to keep your lips supple, soft and fresh. Comfortable on lips. After application, it imparts a fine colour and soft shimmer. It contains SPF 10 to effectively protect your lips against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It has fruit extracts and glistening pigments to give a fruity zest. Helps in restoring the elasticity and firmness of your lips, thereby reversing the tell-tale signs of aging. Features smooth, soft, and moisturizing anti-oxidant nutrients that heal your lips to the hilt.

Common side effects of Nivea Lip Care Pea

Nivea is a global ‘Skin and Body-Care’ brand that is owned by the German company ‘Beiersdorf’. Nivea uses ingredients inspired by nature to work in harmony with skin, body and life to make you look and feel more beautiful. Founded on years of research, it focuses on the structure and function of the skin searching for new ways to support beautiful and healthy looking skin. Nivea is known for using perfume in their products and is one of the most recognized and trusted skin care brands in the world.

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