• Nivea Creme (400 ml) Nivea Creme (400 ml)

Nivea Creme (400 ml)

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Uses of Nivea Creme (400 m

The face is a sensitive part of the body, and facial skin needs daily care to remain healthy. Skin needs nourishment on a daily basis, and can be vulnerable to a number of inconveniencing problems without regular care. If you are looking for the perfect solution, you need a tried and tested skin care product with proven benefits. The excellent Nivea Crème fits the bill perfectly. This Nivea face cream has been used for skin care for decades, and has a potent formulation that provides lasting nourishment and care. The rich, creamy texture of this Nivea cream provides and indulgent experience while deeply moisturizing and hydrating your skin. The product is efficacious even for people with extremely dry skin. The glycerin in the formulation of the Nivea Crème soothes skin, providing lasting nourishment and forming a protective layer on top. The lanolin and panthenol provide active protection against all common skin conditions, prevent dryness and help you achieve lasting radiance and glow. This nourishing face cream can also effectively be used as a makeup remover, and can find its place perfectly in your daily skin care regime.

How it works of Nivea Creme (400 m

A tried and tested skin care solution that people have been using for decades. A unique and proven formulation that has lasting benefits for facial skin with regular use. Provides daily hydration and deep moisturizing, making this a great product for those with dry and damaged skin. Provides daily nourishment for facial skin. Glycerin in the formulation has a soothing and relaxing effect, and forms a protective layer on skin. Lanolin and panthenol provide lasting protection against most commonly experienced skin problems. With regular use, the product can improve skin health, making your skin extra radiant and glowing.

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