• Kamasutra Deodorant for Men, Rush, 150ml Kamasutra Deodorant for Men, Rush, 150ml

Kamasutra Deodorant for Men, Rush, 150ml

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Discreet love-notes. Raised eyebrows. Heads turn. Admiring gazes. And a man who triggers a rush of longing in every woman he meets. Fan the flames of desire with the woody and masculine fragrance of Rush!

How it works

Do you remember that heady feeling that encompasses you when your first crush gives you a grin as they pass by or the first time you jumped from the diving board. You never forget the first flush or the first rush and bringing back those memories is a whiff of Kamasutra Rush Deo Spray.

Common side effects

There is a road that overlooks her house and he drives endlessly for just a mere glimpse. An eternal romantic who feels the same excitement as he did years ago when he first laid eyes on her. A spritz of this deo spray from Kamasutra gives him that boost to make a lasting impression and create a timeless memory. Everyday he feels the anticipation and flurry that one feels the very first time you leave for a new city, you take someone’s hand or you forgo security for the open road. The black bottle is generously dusted with an ivory shade that gives this structure an interesting nuance. With Kamasutra Deo Spray he goes on a journey, eternally blessed with the rush of a fresh start.

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