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JSB AC200 Glucometer

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A JSB Product Brand: JSB Blood Glucose Monitor with No Coding Results in 5 Seconds Small Blood Sample Glucometer With strips ejection button : For contamination free disposal of strips Diabetic Monitor With PC connectivity (optional) With 4 User Alarms 500 Test Memories High and Low Blood Glucose Alarm

How it works

Would it not be good if a device could help you maintain your blood glucose levels, give you alarms, in which you could make out your pre and post meal readings, and still be easy on your pocket. This blood glucose meter will let you manage your diabetes at a very nominal cost. You can buy it online in India for best deal. Highlights of JSB AC200 Blood Glucose Meter : :: No coding :: 500 test memories with date and time :: With strips ejection button : For contamination free disposal of strips :: High and Low Reading setting :: 4 User Alarms :: With PC connectivity (optional) :: Inserting strip turns on meter automatically :: Taking out strip turns the meter off :: Large LCD screen :: Result in 10 seconds :: Easy to use :: Can test in mg/dl as well as mmol/dl :: Compact & portable :: Small blood volume required (0.5uL) :: Symbolic Display :: FDA approved :: CE Certified Instructions Of Use

Common side effects

The JSB AC200 Blood Glucose Meter works on latest biosensor technology to give accurate results in seconds. 1) Unpack the JSB AC200 Blood Glucose Meter from the product box. 2) Insert the battery into the Blood Glucose Meter battery compartment. 3) Follow the steps on the Blood Glucose Meter screen to set the date and time (kindly refer instruction manual for more details) 4) For testing, wash your hands with soap/spirit swab, dry them and take out the test strip vial. 5) Take one strip from the vial and close the vial lid tightly. 6) In standby position, insert the strip into the strips compartment of the Blood Glucose Meter (see video for more details) 7) Prepare the lancing device and lancet for use (see video for more details) 8) Massage your hand and finger before pricking the lancet to extract a drop of blood. 9) When the Blood Glucose Meter asks to apply blood, touch the blood drop extracted from finger on to the test strip end. The test strip will suck the blood and start testing. 10) The Blood Glucose Monitor will show the result of your current blood sugar on the screen. 11) You may now press the ejection button on the Blood Glucose Monitor to dispose off the used strip, and the ejection button on the lancing device to dispose off the lancets. 12) Store the Blood Glucose Meter in a cool dry place away from sunlight and extreme weathers. 13) Read the instruction manual thoroughly before

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