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Jolen Whitening Cleansing Gel

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Jolen Whitening Cleansing Gel is 100% soap free wash is an ideal cleanser helps in deep cleansing impurities from the epidermal skin layer. The non soapy nature helps in restoring the natural moisture & pH balance of the skin, Gives glow and skin whitening effect.

How it works

Helps in removing the dirt particles rooted deep into the pores, cleanses away the harmful pollutants from the skin, any kind of makeup and also removes the unwanted tan. It is enriched with glycerin which antimicrobial in its action and helps to improve the skin elasticity. It is moisturizing in its nature and helps to control any kind of swelling or burning in the skin.

Common side effects

Massage around the face & Neck in circular motion for 4-5 minutes. Then clean with wet cotton / water thoroughly.

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