• Iraya Fruit & Nut Scrub (50 g) Iraya Fruit & Nut Scrub (50 g)

Iraya Fruit & Nut Scrub (50 g)

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Irayaa€™s Fruit & Nut scrub is a culmination of worlda€™s most pure fruits that are devoid of any chemicals allowing the tired skin to breath fresh. The freshness of papaya, apples relinquish the skin from within & tiny apricot particles help to rebuild the skin cells.100% vegan.

How it works

Benefits: Gel based scrub, Removes dead skin cells, Improves blood circulations Removes toxins, Rejuvenates skin Ingredients: Apple: Apples are stuffed with loads of vitamins & mineral with astonishing properties which effectively works for lightening & brightening the complexion, its anti aging properties work on skin from within to prevent those signs of aging

Common side effects

At the same time helps to diminish the acne blemishes & dark spots; also allows water retention Quince Seed: Quince seeds are loaded with Vit A, B, C & abundant mineral content is antioxidant rich also helps sooth the skin inflammation & water retention Apricot: Apricots are high in antioxidant content & Vit A,B,C & lycophene which is extremely beneficial for the skin; It helps in reducing wrinkles & improves skins elasticity Prevents skin damaging from external environment keeps blemishes at bay exfoliates the damaged skin cells & improves skin tone

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