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Infopia Forecare Blood Pressure Monitor

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Infopia, having developed biosensors for blood diagnosis since its establishment in 1996, is now exporting state-of-the-art biosensors for monitoring blood glucose and measuring HbA1c and cholesterol to about 100 countries around the world.

How it works

We not only have the goal to be the best company in diagnostic bio distribution through developing sensors for diagnosing heart disease and cancers and remote diagnosing systems, etcbut also plan to drive business through maintaining human health more directly through healthcare services.

Common side effects

Key Feature : 1) U.S. FDA certification 2) European C-MDD certification 3) European Hypertension Society BHS certified 4) Switch one way all the measurement is completed, the one-touch operation. 5) 70count, the measured value storage function. 6) Automatic pressure system. 7) And pressure, auto shut-off device. 8) Automatic shut-off after 1 minute. 9) Pressurized insufficient to automatically re-pressurized.$ Type : Imported BP Monitors

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