• Healthvit L-Arginine (500mg), 60 capsules Healthvit L-Arginine (500mg), 60 capsules

Healthvit L-Arginine (500mg), 60 capsules

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Enhances heart heath Treats migraine and inflammations Provides essential proteins Provides more energy

How it works

The Healthvit L-Arginine capsules are highly efficient capsules containing L- Arginine, an effective amino acid, providing nourishment to your body. These capsules provide essential proteins that remain missing in your daily diet. This helps you to carry on your daily tasks well without any inconvenience. L-Arginine enhances the energy level keeping you strong and fit.

Common side effects

Consuming these capsules improves your heart health and prevents you from various heart diseases. They also help in treating migraine and inflammation. There is an increased production of growth hormones that ensures overall wellness and a proper growth. You can enhance your health and maintain the fitness level of your body by having these capsules regularly.

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