• HealthSense Backrest Cushion with Memory Foam (SOFT SPOT - BC 21 HealthSense Backrest Cushion with Memory Foam (SOFT SPOT - BC 21

HealthSense Backrest Cushion with Memory Foam (SOFT SPOT - BC 21

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HealthSense Backrest Cushion with Memory Foam (SOFT-SPOT: BC 21) - Grass Green With HealthSense SOFT-SPOT BC-21 backrest cushion turns your favorite chair into a more ergonomically correct seating solution! This attractive lumbar support cushion gives you relief where you need it most - in the lower back. Whether you suffer from chronic back pain or just get fatigued after a long day, this pillow will help relieve some of the tension.

How it works

If you have a tendency to slouch, this cushion will help you sit up straight and avoid the pain and stress that comes with bad posture. Place one on the office chair while working or on sofa while watching TV, on your kitchen/dining chair while eating and in your bed while reading or using your tablet or laptop. Also if you find yourself stiff and in pain after a road trip, this travel pillow could be your answer for a more pleasant journey. Keeping your spine in proper alignment is key to relieving back pain. Chiropractors and physical therapists recommend lumbar support cushions to help maintain good posture while at home, in the office or on the road. Features & Benefits • Premium high density (4lb) memory foam with magnet

Common side effects

• Comfortable seat for individual sitting in office chair, riding in car or simply for relaxing at home • Excellent for improving your body posture, reduce stress to the back and alleviate lower back pain. • Ergonomically shaped cushion extends from the base of the spine up to the lower midpoint of the back • Comes with 3D mesh fabric cover which is breathable, removable and washable. • Portable and lightweight, Highly versatile and can be also used when traveling. Specifications: Model Name Soft-Spot backrest cushion Model No BC - 21 Product Size 40 x 40 x 9cm Material Cloth : 100% Polyester Foam : 100% Memory foam Product weight Net: 0.7 kg, Gross: 0.9 kg Warranty 3 months from the date of

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