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Healthline Digital Family Weighing Scale

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Key Features of Healthline Digital Family Weighing Scale Auto-on Function ABS Plastic Platform Baby or Adult Mode Blue LCD Backlight

How it works

Weigh Your Baby : Keeping track of your babys weight plays an important role in monitoring your babys development. Using a traditional baby scale can be difficult trying to keep the baby still and comfortable and get an accurate weight reading. The Mother and Baby scale BS-103 from Health line takes all the stress out of weighing your baby! A mom or dad step on the scale and her or his weight is recorded. When you hear a eep inch you know your weight is locked in and displayed on the readout. Next, step off the scale, pick up the baby and step on the scale again. The scale weighs you and the baby and displays only the babys weight. The Mother and Baby scale was designed to be so sensitive it will detect weight at 0.1 pound! The BS-103 Mother and Baby scale is the quick and easy method for weighing any furry member of the family too! Weigh Your Pets: As with people, pet obesity can cause many health problems. Monitoring your pets weight can help provide a long and happy life to the pet members of your family including small and mid-sized dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, large birds, you name it! Weigh your Luggage: Besides weighing babies and pets, this scale also comes in handy for weighing luggage before you leave on a trip or weighing boxes before you ship them. The scale has a large 13 inch x 12.25 inch platform, 1 inch LCD readout and a 350-pound weight capacity so now weighing the largest suitcase is no problem! Weigh your body:

Common side effects

The Health line BS-103 Mother and Baby scale can also be used as a precision bath scale for every member of the family! By moving the switch on the bottom of the platform the scale converts to a regular bath scale providing a single weight reading with the highest accuracy. The slim, modern design will look great in any setting. The scale runs on 3 AAA batteries (included) and has a 1 year warranty. So whether you need to weigh your baby, your pet, your luggage or anything else, The BS-103 Mother and Baby Scale by Health line takes the place of 4 scales and makes your life a little bit easier. Features: 1. Innovation baby measurement model 2. Choose the baby mode during the measurement can automatically remove the adult weight, easy measure baby weight. 3. Concise operation--During measuring process, automatically give out result with sound and LED indicator light make 4. Humanization design and easy to use 5. Safe and Practical-- Use anti-slip design, safe for pregnant women and babies to use 6. Equip with 4 high G-sensor 7. Blue mode LCD backlight 8. LCD size 68X66MM 9. Capacity 150kg 10. Division 100g/0.2lb 11. Unit: kg/lb 12. Overload indication"- - - -" 13. Low/Over fat indication "Err2" 14. Low battery indication 15. Power 3xAAA batteries 16. Auto on function

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