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Prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth: Hairzone prevents follicle degeneration and stimulates hair growth. It also enhances hair tensile strength, promotes hair follicular density and hair follicle count. Hairzone inhibits chemotherapy-induced dystrophic changes in growing follicles and premature regression of severely damaged hair follicles. Provides symptomatic relief: Hair fall is a common symptom associated with a dry and itchy scalp. The natural ingredients in Hairzone are potent antimicrobial and astringent agents. They effectively manage fungal, bacterial and viral infections of the scalp, which reduce itchiness, dryness and hair fall.

How it works

Hair loss of varied etiologies, including telogen effluvium (temporary hair loss in the resting phase of the hair growth cycle), anagen effluvium (hair loss on the scalp in the growth phase of the hair growth cycle), alopecia areata, drug-induced alopecia including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and diffuse hair loss Hair fall due to dry and itchy scalp

Common side effects

Side effects: Hairzone is not known to have any side effects if used as per the recommended dosage and frequency. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat your problem without consulting your doctor.

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