• Flamingo Arm Immobilizer - Medium Flamingo Arm Immobilizer - Medium

Flamingo Arm Immobilizer - Medium

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Uses of Flamingo Arm Immob

Fracture occurs when bone breaks. It may crack, snap or shatter. After a fracture, new bone cells fill the gap and repair the break.

How it works of Flamingo Arm Immob

A stronger plaster cast is applied to keep the bone in correct position until it heals. Joint dislocation is a displacement of bone from a joint, with tearing of ligaments, tendons and articular capsules.

Common side effects of Flamingo Arm Immob

Usually caused by blow or fall. Subluxation is partial dislocation. Joint dislocation is most common for shoulder joint. Flamingo Arm Immobilizer gives you a great relief.

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