• Enzowin Soft Gelatin Capsule Enzowin Soft Gelatin Capsule

Enzowin Soft Gelatin Capsule

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(10 soft gelatin capsules in strip)
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Uses of Enzowin Soft Gelat

Enzowin Tablet is a combination of trypsin, bromelain, rutoside trihydrate and piperine used in pain and swelling associated with various conditions. Trypsin is used for the treatment of infections, inflammation associated with injuries and surgery wounds. As an adjuvant treatment, Trypsin is indicated for the management of edema associated with dental procedures and inflammation. Bromelain, a phytoproduct, is recommended for reduction of edema associated with surgical wounds and sinusitis. Bromelain stimulates muscle contraction and prevent cancer. Bromelain is effective against osteoarthritis, if administered with Trypsin and Rutoside. Rutoside can reduce the incidence of haemorrhage associated with diverse etiology. Piperine (pepper) has been traditionally used as a local anesthetic and analgesic (pain reliever).

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