• Dove Deep Pure Face Wash (50 g) (Pack Of 3) Dove Deep Pure Face Wash (50 g) (Pack Of 3)

Dove Deep Pure Face Wash (50 g) (Pack Of 3)

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Dove Deep Pure Face Wash is a soft face foam that, washes and smoothes your skin.

How it works

Dove Deep Pure Face Wash contains skin lotion component It removes dirt from deep in pores and excess sebum from the skin Cleans the face and shrinks the pore Makes your skin feel soft and smooth Suitable for all types of skin

Common side effects

Apply on wet face and neck and wash with water. Dove is a ‘Skin and Hair Care’ brand which is committed to help all women realize their personal beauty potential. It creates products that deliver ‘Real care and Genuine improvement’ to the condition of your skin and hair. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, because when you look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself. Dove is manufactured by ‘Unilever’ and is sold in nearly 100 countries in the world. Dove believes in celebrating ‘The Real Beauty of Women’.

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