• DogSpot 64 cm Dog Strap Leash DogSpot 64 cm Dog Strap Leash

DogSpot 64 cm Dog Strap Leash

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Key Features of DogSpot 64 cm Dog Strap Leash For medium & large dog Excellent show leash comfortable for pet Superior quality nylon

How it works

DogSpot Nylon Leash & Collar Set Red- Small Dog collars are not just for identifying your dog as your own. Dog collars are very useful because they help you tame your dog. Besides that, they ensure that your dog doesn’t run away and start attacking strangers. Once you make your dog wear a collar, he will be identified as a pet and not a street dog.

Common side effects

Another important thing to note here is that dog collars promote safety of dogs. Dogs, especially the active ones, generally like running away. If your dog runs away like that, he will definitely invite trouble. DogSpot Nylon Leash and Collar Set is an ideal and sturdy leash for small breeds. Made with durable material, this stylish collar and leash set will make your pooch the talk of the town.

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