• Denim Musk Soap (125 g) Denim Musk Soap (125 g)

Denim Musk Soap (125 g)

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Denim Musk Soap refreshes you and gives a soothing effect The aroma of musk is associated with the ‘macho’ image and scintillating effect men that want to flaunt. So, why grab perfumes and deodorants, when you can get the same (often better) exuberant and sensuous effect with the Denim Musk soap Spread the deep musk fragrance of this Musk Soap wherever you go, intrigue people and let them be eager to know the secret of its mesmerizing scent! The woody aroma of this bathing soap invigorates the skin and takes one and all on a journey of senses. It makes users enjoy a refreshing bath, helps in alleviating stress, and gives a brand new start to each day.

How it works

This bathing soap ensures an uplifting and soothing effect and rejuvenates the skin in more ways than one. Apart from cleansing the skin, while retaining its natural moisture, this bathing soap also maintains the natural softness and suppleness of the same to make it appear more radiant and appealing. This Denim Musk Soap is especially designed for those who want to create their own personal statement in the field of personal hygiene and style—are you one of them

Common side effects

The soap has an elevating scent of woody musk that lingers on all through the day. • It cleanses the body and keeps it hydrated. • The hydrating property of this soap keeps the skin’s moisture intact and gives it a refreshing feel. • It emits the aroma of musk perfumes at the cost of a bathing bar. • It gives a cool and refreshing feel, all day long. • Mild in nature, it comprises of no harsh chemicals that may harm the texture of the skin. • It leaves the skin naturally soft and supple to give a distinct appeal.

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