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Cranfit Tablet

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Cranfit Tablet contains Cranberry Extract (300mg) and D-Mannose (600mg) as major ingredients. Cranfit is one such non-antimicrobial solution for the prevention of Urinary tract infections (UTIs). Cranberry and D-mannose help in promoting urinary tract health and may help to reduce the frequency of UTIs.

How it works

Key benefits/uses of Cranfit Tablet : - Cranberry contains proanthocyanidins binds to the mannose-resistant adhesins (P-fimbriae) of E.coli and inhibit the binding of this bacteria to the urinary tract. - D-mannose binds to the mannose-sensitive type-1 pili of E. coli bacteria and blocks its attachment to the surface of the urinary tract. - The tablet is used to treat Urinary tract infection.

Common side effects

Direction for use/Dosage: - One tablet thrice daily for the prophylaxis of recurrent UTIs - As directed by the physician

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