• Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo

Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo

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Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo is tailored to provide cleaning, conditioning and nourishing to your hair.

How it works

A treatment for your hair with the ultimate fusion of five herbs and generally used for dry to normal hair. It used for Hair fall, Dandruff, Flaking, Itching, greying, thinning, dryness etc. all are taken care of by this potent combination of exotic Indian herbs. It reduces the harmful effects of chemical treatment on hair. Suitable for all hair types. Quantity 200ml.

Common side effects

Anherb, make sure that your natural beauty forever stays with you. Anzalp Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd. brings you face care, body care, hair care and sun care products made from the best and rarest of the natural herbs. Improve your overall hair health with Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo.

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