• Adidas Shower Gel - Pure Game (250 ml) Adidas Shower Gel - Pure Game (250 ml)

Adidas Shower Gel - Pure Game (250 ml)

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Adidas Shower Gel Pure Game - Kick start your day with freshness. Game on with Adidas Shower Gel-Pure Game. Use this amazing bath gel and transform your bath into a super energizing experience instantly. Just use a small amount and feel the invigoration. Developed specially for active men, Adidas Shower Gel has been developed with athletes and keeps you fresh and rejuvenated all day long. If you are still using a bathing soap, it is time to up you game with Adidas Pure Game.

How it works

The shower gel removes all traces of dirt and grime from your body. It also helps moisturize and nourish your skin from deep within leaving it fresh, clean and hydrated. The shower gel is specially designed for men, this means that it caters to the needs of the body of a modern man. It makes sure that the damage done to your skin from pollution, dust and sun damage is reversed and your skin retains its youthful and healthy softness and texture. The shower gel is enriched with Guaiac wood extract and has a green woody fragrance that transforms you into a fresh and rejuvenated world.

Common side effects

Enriched with the goodness of Guaiac extract, Adidas Shower Gel- Pure Game is has a strong masculine fragrance that will keep you fragrant all day. The gel caters to all needs of a man’s skin and helps keep skin clean, fresh and aromatic. The bottle of the shower gel is also designed for the males; it has a solid grip and is absolutely masculine and easy to carry around while traveling. The ingredients used guarantee all round freshness all day long along with mild and gentle skin nourishment.

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