• Adidas Shower Gel - Ice Dive (250 ml) Adidas Shower Gel - Ice Dive (250 ml)

Adidas Shower Gel - Ice Dive (250 ml)

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Adidas Shower Gel Ice Dive - take a dive into freshness! Get ready to get energized and refreshed with Adidas Shower gel- Ice Dive. Specially formulated with marine salts, the shower gel infuses your skin with freshness and vitality. The texture of the gel is smooth and soft, it makes your skin super smooth and silky in just few washes. Each shower is a unique experience as you will love to indulge in a creamy and silky exuberance that will get your pulse racing and at the same time calm down your skin.

How it works

The shower gel helps cleanse your skin and wash off any dust, grime or oil on the top layer of the skin. It works deep into the layers of the skin and makes sure that skin is thoroughly cleansed and moisturised at the same time. It intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin and does not make it excessively oily or greasy. The bright and charming fragrance of the shower gel will get absorbed in your skin giving it an energizing lift-up instantly.

Common side effects

Marine salts make skin soft, supple and smooth all day long. The special combination of amazing ingredients makes your shower an experience to enjoy. The soothing fragrance energizes you with fresh energy while calming stressed nerves and soothing your body. The gentle and mild body wash is pH balanced and can be used by even those with sensitive skin. The shower gel is suitable for all skin types from oily to dry to combination and may be used all year long without worrying about the weather conditions. The refreshing and revitalizing effect of the gel lasts the whole day long and you feel fresh all the time.

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