• Adidas Shower Gel - Dynamic Pulse (250 ml) Adidas Shower Gel - Dynamic Pulse (250 ml)

Adidas Shower Gel - Dynamic Pulse (250 ml)

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Adidas Shower Gel Dynamic Pulse - Start your day fresh and cool. Liven up your senses with Adidas Shower Gel-Dynamic Pulse. Use the shower gel instead of your regular soap bar and experience the joy of luxurious bathing at home. The shower gel relaxes and calms your muscles and skin while it recharges and rejuvenates you. This shower gel is a great product to use for your morning or evening shower. The super energizing shower gel also cleanses deeply and moisturises skin from within.

How it works

The shower gel has been specially designed for men and the bottle itself is very ergonomically shaped, for a sturdy grip even in the shower. The gel pampers the male skin as men are generally not prone to slather themselves with moisturisers, while the shower gel doubles up as a skin conditioner as well. The shower gel also works as a shampoo. Smell fresh and make your skin tingle with the Adidas Shower Gel-Dynamic Pulse.

Common side effects

The shower gel is enriched with peppermint extracts to make it smell fresh and energizing at all times. The shower gel is designed specially keeping in mind the needs of a modern man. The gel works as a body as well as a hair wash gel that reduces the need of using too many products. The shower gel cleans, moisturises and nourishes, just like you multi-task, so dos your shower gel. Adidas Shower Gel- Dynamic Pulse is designed to keep you feeling fresh and fragrant on the go. The ingredients used guarantee all round freshness all day long along with mild and gentle skin nourishment.

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