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Samples Needed:- Blood Test
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Test List for Genomepatri

Cardio Panel (Includes 13 conditions)(includes 13 tests)
Lifestyle Panel (Includes 13 conditions)(includes 13 tests)
Lungs Panel (Includes 4 conditions)(includes 4 tests)
Immunity Panel (Includes 10 conditions)(includes 10 tests)
Diabetes Panel (Includes 6 conditions)(includes 6 tests)
Women Panel (Includes 10 conditions)(includes 10 tests)
Drug Response Panel (Includes 9 conditions)(includes 9 tests)
Bones and Joints Panel (Includes 5 conditions)(includes 5 tests)
Inherited Conditions Panel (Include 2 conditions)(includes 2 tests)
Men Panel (Includes 7 conditions)(includes 7 tests)
Brain Panel (Includes 15 conditions)(includes 15 tests)
Kidney Panel (Includes 4 conditions)(includes 4 tests)
Gastro Panel (Includes 7 conditions)(includes 7 tests)
Skin & Hair Panel (Includes 15 conditions)(includes 15 tests)
Cancer Panel (Includes 19 conditions)(includes 19 tests)
Eyes Panel (Includes 4 conditions)(includes 4 tests)

About Genomepatri

Genomepatri analyses your genetic predisposition to about a 100+ conditions, traits, inherited conditions, as well as drug response profile. This is a once-in-a-lifetime test, giving you valuable information that will guide you through the rest of your life. This test includes a personalized, one-on-one genetic counseling session either on Phone, or Skype with our board-certified genetic counselors. This guidance is crucial for you to be able to make the right changes in your lifestyle, diet, and health checkups; helping you stay one step ahead of any disease.Please find below an overview of the complete process for your reference.Saliva Sample collected in a Specialized Kit and is designed to keep sample stable for 90 days at room tempDNA Extraction and Quality CheckSNP Genotyping and Data GenerationData AnalysisYour ReportHealth Coach and Genetic counselingThe markers we look for in your DNA are called SNPs or single nucleotide polymorphisms (variations) associated with a given health condition.These Genetic variations are responsible for an individual’s unique appearance, e.g., the color of skin/eyes, type of hair (curly, smooth), etc. Personal genomics can be used to predict many of your physical attributes and behavioral traits, and also the predisposition to health conditions. In most cases, these variations are passed on to the next generation (offspring).The entire process would take about 6-8 weeks time for the complete report to be generated from the sample collection time. This test can be taken as a preventive health checkup.

About CHS Diagnostics Ltd

CHS Diagnostics in Delhi. Pathology Labs with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View CHS Diagnostics, Delhi on Justdial. Situated in one of the largest neighbourhoods in Delhi, CHS Diagnostics in Hauz Khas is a part of the integrated network of pathology labs. This venture embarked on its journey with a longstanding commitment and a vision to make a wide range of specialized testing services available to the common man. In the sector, this centre has been consistent towards its commitment to excellence and innovation in whatever they do. The centre is well equipped with the latest in technological advancements and automation and adhere to the various stringent internal and external quality control mechanisms. Established in 2011, this centre is at J-16 basement on the Main Arvindo Marg. Contact this pathology lab collection centre on : +(91)-11-46006308,46066308. Undoubtedly it is one of the best pathology labs in Hauz Khas, Delhi.

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