• Allergy Panel Eczema Comprehensive Panel
Allergy Panel Eczema Comprehensive Panel
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Allergy Panel Eczema Comprehensive Panel

Samples Needed:- Blood Sample
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Test List for Allergy Panel Ecze

Allergy Individual Marker COW DANDER
Allergy Individual Marker HORSE DANDER
Allergy Individual Marker SHRIMP
Allergy Individual Marker SOYBEAN
Allergy Individual Marker CAT EPITHELIUM and DANDER
Allergy Individual Marker CHICKPEA
Allergy Individual Marker FISH
Allergy Individual Marker LEMON
Allergy Individual Marker EGG WHITE
Allergy Individual Marker PEANUT
Allergy Individual Marker RICE
Allergy Individual Marker DOG DANDER
Allergy Individual Marker BANANA
Cows Milk
Allergy Individual Marker LENTIL

About Allergy Panel Eczema Comprehen

It includes Egg white, Cows milk, Fish, Shimp, Wheat, Rice, Peanut, Lentil, Soybean, Chick pea, Lemon, Banana, Mites, Dog dander, Cow dander, Horse dander & Cat epithelium

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