• Daflon 1000 mg Tablet Daflon 1000 mg Tablet
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Daflon 1000 mg Tablet

Salt:- Diosmin (900mg)
Majorly Use for haemorrhoids help_outline
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10 tablets in 1 strip
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Uses of Daflon 1000 mg Tab

Daflon 1000 mg Tablet

is used in the treatment of varicose veins and


.Daflon 1000 mg Tablet belongs to the flavonoid family. It helps to control and treat internal haemorrhoids and excessive thinning of the blood.

How it works of Daflon 1000 mg Tab

The dosage for Daflon 100mg Tablets depends upon the medical history of the patient, health conditions and the response to the therapy. The drug is contraindicated in patients who have suffered or are suffering from glaucoma, cardiac disorders, lungs or liver disorders or renal malfunctioning. Take proper medical help in case you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy any time soon or breastfeeding. You must also inform the doctor of any other prescription drugs that you may be taking, such as hormonal pills as oral contraceptives, or any dietary supplements as Daflon 1000 mg Tablet may interact with the other drugs and cause a number of health complications. You must avoid alcohol consumption, smoking, tobacco or caffeine during the course of the treatment to avoid any further health complications.

Common side effects of Daflon 1000 mg Tab

There may be a number of side effects such as persistent headaches, blurred vision, fluctuations in blood pressure or heart rate, breathing difficulties, nausea, and some allergic rashes on the skin. However there can be some adverse reactions as well. It is advised that even the slightest discomfort should be reported to the doctor immediately, in order to avoid complications.

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